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Head and shoulder massage 400RMB/60 minutes

From the head to the shoulder, from top to bottom order, using point, pressure, alternating the manipulation; can enhance the vitality of the eye-catching repose.


2Chinese Acupoint Massage 500RMB/90 minutes

Chinese acupoint massage is the use of hand press the body of each depression point;Relax the body, relieve fatigue and stress; suitable for long-term business and sedentary office worker.


3Japanese Powder Push 500RMB/90 minutes

Japanese powder push; with your fingertips is in your body gently across, and then with a soft chin and nose massage back and chest sensitive parts of deep breathing, stimulate blood circulation, make you feel like someone to tease you like.


4Face Care + Oil Back 600RMB/90 minutes

Contains the face and back; with Cleansing Cream clean face, apply the mask; and then clean the back, with a hot towel, hand uniform oil applied in the back, gently rubbing repeatedly, scapula, neck, back, neck with both hands from overlapping sliding to the caudal;


5[Recommend]Four Hands Massage 1000RMB/90 minutes

Two beautiful young girls provide you with massage services, while enjoying the visual impact, let your two parts of the body relax at the same time, give you an unusual massage experience, like being on the beach ~ in the forest, let your body and mind completely relax!


6 Rose Lady Spa 600RMB/90 minutes

Handsome professional male technicians provide massage services for you, the rose petals and a small amount of essential oil into the bathtub, with spa light music to give you the enjoyment of hearing, and then for your bath; then select the best essential oil massage your body, so that you enjoy a royal-like honorable service!


shanghai outcall massage European Oil Massage 600RMB/90 minutes

European oil is a kind of health care massage originated in Europe and the United States, he is using massage oil lubrication, the use of push, pressing, kneading, kneading, rubbing, holding, extracting, cleaning and other practices, to relax the muscles, relieve fatigue purpose.


7[Recommend] Dream Massage 1000RMB/120 minutes

Dream massage is a kind of advanced massage to enjoy the project, this therapy is combined with light music + aromatherapy SPA + natural essential oils massage, relieve mood, eliminate fatigue and health beauty effect.

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